You will never be late if time flies by

You will never be late if time flies by.

The Times.

THE secret of good time management lies not so much in organizational skills but in the innate tendency to estimate time as passing more quickly than it actually does, a new study claims.

Jan Francis-Smythe, a researcher at University College, Worcester, said this ability ensured that people were always ready on time for the next task and hence better able keep to their schedule.

“Poor time managers often underestimate how long something will take them to do and have little sense of how time is passing during a task,” she said.

Time management is one of the most talked-about ideas in contemporary business theory and is now seen as an essential skill. While much is known about the effects of time management, little is know about what makes a good time manager. Researchers involved in the latest study, published today in the British Journal of Psychology, asked 48 people to assess their own time-management skills and then monitored them while they undertook various tasks, including watching video films and doing crossword puzzles. All watches and clocks were removed during the trials.

The study found that people who were good at planning and scheduling were also the least accurate in estimating the passing of time.

Of these, those who estimated time as passing more quickly than it actually does were the best time managers.

The researchers explained this as a sign of a cautious reaction to the removal of all clocks and watches. For these people, being early was important because it did not have the same consequences as being late. (End of article.)

Sam Smith
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