From Jesus With Love – 146

A collection of texts received from Jesus, by different people with the gift of Prophecy.

Come lie down and take off your armor, for it is the time of love and of laughter, to revel in My love and happiness and to be filled with My praise and My joy, to enjoy Me and all that I have given you! For as you are enraptured with My love, you shall sing aloud your praises upon your bed! All that hear you shall rejoice, and they too shall sing and praise Me with joyful lips! And when the time of loving and ecstasy and intimate fellowship with Me is over and you put your armor on to return to the battle, you can go forth with joyful praises on your lips coming from the melody in your heart. You will sing and praise and speak to Me as you go about your duties and fight your many battles, until you once again return to My bed of love and the time of intimate fellowship with Me, rejoicing and reveling in My love and joy (ML #3002).

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Sam Smith
Sam Smith is an independent Missionary, that has spent 7 years of his life in Africa, trying to spread Jesus' message of love in any way possible. He has been involved with non profit companies distributing educational material, youth counseling, IT education and humanitarian aid work in medical camps. He believes in Jesus in the simple way that the Bible speaks about, without going so far as to "belong" to a denomination, but just wants to do his best with likeminded people to make the world a better place.